Developing Smart Technologies for Productivity Improvement of European Small and Medium Sized Shipyards
Do these challenges sound familiar to you?
  • Your investments in modern facilities are insufficient because of limited financial capacities and reserves
  • Single purpose automation has often a low economic feasibility because of lacking economy of scale in production
  • Your product design is less fit for production because of partly or complete outsourcing the design activities
  • The use of innovative technologies and activities in research and development has a low ability because of limited personnel resources, lacking skills of the personnel and limited access to information and cooperation networks

The SMARTYards-Network has the solution!

What are Smart Technologies?

Smart Technologies are:

  • Affordable – i.e. low investment costs to cope with limited financial capabilities
  • Flexible and modular – to reflect the wide variety of products and limited production throughput
  • Robust and simple – to cope with typical environmental conditions and easily useable even with limited specific expertise
  • Intelligent – to reduce the effort for production preparation and programming and will
  • Sustainable – to meet and improve health, safety and environmental conditions