Developing Smart Technologies for Productivity Improvement of European Small and Medium Sized Shipyards
Do these challenges sound familiar to you?
  • Your investments in modern facilities are insufficient because of limited financial capacities and reserves
  • Single purpose automation has often a low economic feasibility because of lacking economy of scale in production
  • Your product design is less fit for production because of partly or complete outsourcing the design activities
  • The use of innovative technologies and activities in research and development has a low ability because of limited personnel resources, lacking skills of the personnel and limited access to information and cooperation networks

The SMARTYards-Network has the solution!

Statements from Shipyards and participating Companies

Danijel Linic
Manager Design Department
Uljanik Shipyard

“We see the SMARTYards project as a way of finding new opportunities to improve our existing best practices and developed processes, as well as their innovation. Our goal is to ensure implementation of positive and proven results of the Project in our core business and to strengthen intellectual capital of our Company. From our perspective this is an essential question for any yard, therefore it is a great challenge for us.”

Dirk Steinhauer
Head of Simulation Team, R&D Department
Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft mbH & Co. KG

“Due to continuous research and innovation Flensburger Shipyard has achieved a strong development in the area of production. Strengthening the results by aligning to other shipyards and improving the approaches by taking additional requirements into consideration are the main goals for Flensburger Shipyard in the project SMARTYards. Hence, flexibility in production is boosted enabling Flensburger Shipyard to meet the requirements of the future order book.”

Gabriel Manole
Head of Technical Department

"The involvement of NAVROM SHIPYARD  in SMARTYards project is an open window for new ideas, technologies and connections and as a part of this corresponding network bring us also the feeling of belonging to a wide entity which is shipbuilding industry. The technological and ideological contacts developed inside the project and continued after the end of project period will only improve the quallity of people and activity, a good way to be followed by all those involved in shipbuilding industry."

Borja Cardama
R&D Department, CARDAMA Shipyard

“Of course the direct benefit on being involved in the “SMARTYards Project” is the direct results and conclusions of each idea, but maybe the most important thing here is the indirect attitude of the partnership by itself: many and different European companies working together (naval design, software developers, technology centers, universities, shipyards, …) and just breaking down barriers like distance and the habitual secrecy in our Naval Industry.”

Joaquín Vázquez
CCO – Chief Commercial Officer
AIMEN Technology Centre

“SMARTYards presents us an excellent opportunity to let us know the needs of European S&M yards. It will help us to address and focus in a better way the technology services we offer to them. The project also provide us a wide European network of S&M yards and technology providers which will let us establish synergies and collaborations in future for both specialized services and H2020 projects. Moreover, we hope that AIMEN will be better known at European level in the shipbuilding arena”

Tord Gustafson
R&D Manager

"The SMARTYards project is very important for us at BLATRADEN because it gives us more knowledge about the need at smaller shipyards about the use of composite materials or rather composite parts in their production of ships. We work since many years with shipyards producing very big vessels and we have a close cooperation with some of them, but we have understood that the use at smaller shipyards might will become a bit different than at big shipyards, and that has become very clear during the work with SMARTYards project. We see a lot of important things both for us and the shipyards to do, together."

Guus van der Bles
Managing Director
Conoship International B.V.

“SMARTYards covers all phases in shipbuilding, from early design to production of the ship. We have high expectations of the benefits of integrating design and engineering tools for use by small and medium-sized shipyards in cooperation with design and engineering offices.”

Prof. Dr.-Ing. M.-C. Wanner
Head of Fraunhofer Application Center

"The main objective of the R&D activities of the AGP is the creation of integrated solutions for cost-efficient and quality-oriented manufacturing of large structures. With the same focus Fraunhofer participating on the SMARTYards project to give small and medium sized shipyards and companies the opportunity to keep pace with the technological process. The SMARTYard-Network enables a transfer of knowledge between different European Shipyards and research institutes. Both sides can benefit from the interaction. The Network also enables the possibility to introduce our developments to further users and to reach a wider application in the industry. It also enables us to identify further needs for research so that Fraunhofer expect to find new partners from the Network."

Flemming Joergensen
Managing Director
Inrotech ApS

"Being a part of the SMARTYARD has given a lot of knowledge about smaller and medium sized shipyards in Europe. Important information for Inrotech, as we could be a technical supplier and partner for these shipyards with our new welding automation technology. Technically, we will make a solution in the SMARTYARD project that hopefully fit many small and medium sized shipyards. In this process we are also refining some points our technology in order to adapt to the shipyards needs."

Paul Filius
Technical Director
Numeriek Centrum Groningen B.V.

"We are developers of 3D CAD/CAM software for shipbuilding and we built up a lot of practical experience in automated design and production solutions with leading shipyards in the world. By sharing our experiences in the SMARTYards network we enable small and medium-sized European shipyards to apply state of the art technologies and improve their work processes in design and production. On the other hand we learn from these small and medium-sized shipyards which help us to improve our products and create smart and affordable solutions. An important advantage of participating in SMARTYards is that all developed knowledge is available to all members in its network."

Raouf Kattan
Managing Director
Safinah Ltd.

“In addition to the research that is being undertaken as part of the project Safinah are involved in the Smartyards project to enable networking with the wider European shipbuilding community to develop relationships with other project partners that may lead to additional future collaborative work in the field of marine coatings”

Michael Wächter
Managing Director
SDC Ship Design & Consult GmbH

"SDC has joined the SMARTYards project as it covers from Design Methods and Tools over Production and Planning to Innovative Materials many topics which are interesting for our daily work and it promised to provide a platform to improve the cooperation of European partners and SDC.

After almost one year, the expectations have been more than fulfilled. The meetings and workshops which took place in the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium and Germany gave a deep insight into the present state of small and medium sized shipyard in Europe as well as into state of the art production facilities of a modern big shipyard. Technology ideas have been presented by experts in fields of work of our core business which helps to assess our knowledge base and productivity as well as from entirely different fields which opens our eyes for new business opportunities. Last but not least, the basis of a network for the future has already been implemented.

We are very sure to gain a significant increase in productivity boosted by the SMARTYards project."

Professor in Maritime structures
Universitatea Dunarea de Jos of Galati

"Taking into account the experience in design, testing and fabrication of sandwich composite panels, UGAL will perform the activity within TA-6e application: Container workshop. Basis activity will concern design testing and technology for fabrication the mobile workshop from lightweight structures (sandwich composite materials)."