Developing Smart Technologies for Productivity Improvement of European Small and Medium Sized Shipyards
Do these challenges sound familiar to you?
  • Your investments in modern facilities are insufficient because of limited financial capacities and reserves
  • Single purpose automation has often a low economic feasibility because of lacking economy of scale in production
  • Your product design is less fit for production because of partly or complete outsourcing the design activities
  • The use of innovative technologies and activities in research and development has a low ability because of limited personnel resources, lacking skills of the personnel and limited access to information and cooperation networks

The SMARTYards-Network has the solution!


SMARTYards Final Project Brochure 2016
Download the SMARTYards Final Brochure (PDF, 5.8 MByte)

SMARTYards Solutions Catalogue 2016
Download the SMARTYards Solutions Catalogue (PDF, 6.6 MByte)

Final SMARTYards Conference 2016 - Schiff & Hafen Magazine
Final meeting of European research project SMARTYards (PDF, 176 kByte)

Schiff & Hafen Magazine - June 2016
General Assembly des EU-Projekts SMARTYards in Vigo (PDF, 330 kByte )

SMARTYards Leaflet 2014
Download the SMARTYards Leaflet
(PDF, 2.73 MByte)

Schiff & Hafen Magazine - December 2014
Kleine und mittlere Werften zur Mitarbeit aufgefordert (PDF, 270 kByte)

Schiff & Hafen Magazine - December 2013
SMARTYards – Produktivitätsverbesserungen für kleine und mittlere Werften
(PDF, 287 kByte)